Figuring out the food allergies


I suspected Cake had food allergies from the beginning. When he was around 2-3 months old, he had all the symptoms of a milk protein sensitivity – green poops, tons of spit up, low weight gain, and excema (most of the excema came later, around 5-6 months old, but he had skin rashes). I was breastfeeding and quit all cows milk products and he was a different kid within a few weeks – he gained weight, stopped spitting up so much, and his skin looked better. Then I would eat another random food and he would start all over again with the rashes. Most notably was when I ate peanuts, so I quit eating those too. He was also having some breathing incidences so I brought him to my allergist.

Cake was both blood tested and back scratch tested for food allergies, as well as given a nebulizer and all the medicines that go along with it to help his breathing. At this point, I had quit eating several foods due to his reactions when I ate them, which included all cows milk products, peanuts, strawberries, crab, and watermelon. All of his tests were negative (which is common to get before age 3, even if an allergy exists). I was told to feed him foods and just stop letting him have foods that he reacts to.

At age 2, my husband wanted to do a milk challenge. We decided it was best to redo the back scratch test just to see if he may have a reaction before an actual milk challenge. He had excema and other symptoms still, so food allergies were still suspected. He came up positive to 19 foods. 19. We now have most of the foods separated into categories of ones he can’t have (& we have an epipen for), ones he can have a small amount of, ones that cause behavioral reactions, and ones I let him eat unless his excema goes crazy.

So now at home we have asthma medicines, a nebulizer, an antihistamine, AviQ epipens, and a whole bunch of food Cake can eat. I follow Cake’s diet for the most part (it’s just easier that way).

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