The current allergic list


Our current list of known food allergies is pretty long – 19 foods. We have separated the list into different categories, mainly because it’s almost impossible to eat normally without eating at least some of the foods Cake is allergic to. Most importantly are the ‘never ever ever feed this to Cake’ foods, which includes cow’s milk, goat’s milk, peanuts, cashews, walnuts, pecans, poppyseeds, and pistachios. Then there’s the ‘do not feed to Cake, but if it happens it means a huge behavioral reaction which I would prefer to avoid’ which includes oranges, grapefruit & mustard, the ‘we avoid because it’s easy to avoid and causes excema’ foods, which are oats and peas.

Then there’s the rest. The rest of the foods Cake eats but I limit it if he’s had a lot of that food or if he gets a reaction like hives or excema. Excema happens often, hives not as much. These foods include wheat, soy, eggs (he’s allergic to both egg white and yolk, I only let him eat baked egg products), corn, garlic, and lemon.


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