Figuring out the milk allergy


The milk allergy. How did we figure it out? Well, it was a guess. By 3 months old, Cake hadn’t gained much weight – he gained the absolute minimum and was below the charts or at the first percentile, he had all sorts of ‘baby acne’ and rashes, he spit up a ton, and the poop…..oh man the poop was green and snotty. It was gross.
So I joined an online message board where the other breastfeeding moms said, “quit all milk products and see if there’s an improvement.” So I did. His spits up/projectile vomit happened less and less, his poops got closer to ‘normal,’ and he gained lots of weight. He gained about 6 pounds in 8 weeks. He went from being a skinny, sickly looking baby to a chubby baby!
When I did a milk challenge about two months later (I ate a cupcake that had milk in it), Cake projectile vomited for a day or two, became the crankiest baby ever, and started scratching the crap out of his legs (excema). So I stopped all milk products and continue to do so today – partly because it’s easier but also because Cake has a baby brother. Baby brother (who I’ll call Bear on the blog) has never had milk products or nuts in his system, not even while I was pregnant.


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