Cake’s first sinus infection


Cake’s mild cold developed into a horrible cold overnight a few days ago. I figured it was just a cold….then he started coughing really badly. Loud, wet coughs that sounded like he was going to throw up (and he did, once). I had to introduce Cake to a ‘throw up bowl’ (you know, the bowl that you carry everywhere with you when you have to throw up). Interesting concept to a 2 year old who barely even understands what throwing up means.

After all that coughing, I decided to bring Cake to a doctor, during which I was prepared to be told it was just a cold and to not worry. I couldn’t decide whether to bring Cake to his normal pediatrician or his allergist. I decided to bring him to the allergist and I’m glad I did. I was having him do nebulizer treatments once a day because he was breathing a little funny, but his allergist said he was wheezing too. Then the doctor found a sinus infection.

So now Cake has antibiotics, the nebulizer twice a day until his cough is gone, prednisone if he starts wheezing more, and his regular antihistamine. Lots of medicine for such a little Cake!



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