New restaurants


We found a new allergy friendly restaurant in our area! 🙂

Eating out is always more complicated with a food allergy. We were in a nearby downtown and decided to get dinner. The restaurant we usually eat at has one meal that I know we can eat (& Cake doesn’t like it) so we tried a different restaurant. I’m glad we did – they had a few different items Cake and I could eat!

The first restaurant we tried was a fail. I told the hostess that we had a severe milk and peanut/tree nut allergy and asked if their bread had milk in it (it was a burger place). The two hostesses looked at each other and said,”um…..I don’t know. Do you know?” And “ummm….maybe it does?” I asked them to go check in the back with the chef. To which they responded, “ummmmm….well….the bread comes in big bags, I don’t think they know the ingredients.” At that point I left. I hate it when I get excited about trying a new restaurant then it is not an option.

At the restaurant next door, I told them about the severe allergies and asked if their French fries have milk in them. French fries are kind of our gateway food…..if Cake can have French fries, he is happy. If he can’t have the fries, we don’t bother with the restaurant unless it’s take out. Anyways, one of the hostesses went to the back and came back telling me, “yes, I checked and the chef says the fries are milk/milk product free and so are some other things on the menu. We don’t use peanuts or tree nuts in anything here.” WIN! We sat down and I found three different foods to ask about, hoping one was milk/milk product free. It was a Greek restaurant so I asked about gyros, an eggplant dip, the rice pilaf, and the skewers. Both the rice pilaf and all of the skewers were milk free – which gave me enough options for dinner. As a bonus, they had a kids meal with the skewers, meaning Cake could actually eat a kids meal (a rarity!)

Cake got shrimp skewers and fries, and I got seafood skewers and fries. It was a big, loud restaurant so Cake could be loud if he wanted to (he wasn’t – he was really good!) and we were able to walk to a coffee ship that has some dairy free sorbet for dessert.

It’s always a little scary trying a new restaurant – I watch Cake for allergic reactions the whole time we are there and after. I’m really glad we tried this one and will be going back soon!

And of course I only took two pictures while there, one was blurry and the other Cake had his eyes closed.



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