Allergic to milk but not butter ????


No, you can’t be ‘severely allergic to milk’ but not to butter.

I went to the farmers market this weekend. I searched around for a yummy milk free treat. I looked at one of the bakeries that were set up. The conversation at one of them went like this:
Me: My son has a severe milk allergy. Do you have any milk free products?
Him: yeah, it’s all milk free!
Me: ummm….and milk product free? No butter, cheese….
Him: Oh, yeah, it all has butter.
Me: you can’t be severely allergic to milk and not butter
Him: yes, you can! A lot of people tell me they are allergic to milk but not butter. They still buy my products!
Me: ummm….yeah….maybe if they have a sensitivity but I said severe allergy. Like if he eats it we go to the hospital…
Him: yeah, a lot of people are SEVERELY allergic to milk but can eat butter just fine
Me: wow, yeah, I wouldn’t say that your products are milk free to someone
Him: why not?

At this point, I gave up and walked away. I won’t bother buying anything from his bakery, likely ever again, because he seems to have no clue about allergies.

I did find some yummy samosas and eggplant Indian wrap to eat that were both safe!


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