Easter eggs.


First, this post is overdue. My bad. I haven’t had any time lately to write any posts. Two kids under three (I only get that excuse for another week or two, then Cake turns three!), neither of which find sleeping to be all that important means I barely have time to do anything useful.

Eggs. Easter has a lot of them. Cake is allergic to eggs but only mildly…..which is determined by the fact that he has never had a reaction to eating baked eggs. When he was a baby, I tried to give him some scrambled eggs and some egg whites on different occasions. He generally just spit them out. He even tells me that he doesn’t like them, so I don’t worry about it.

When we bake and make batter with raw eggs I have him keep his hands out of the batter. This is done mostly by giving him some powdered sugar or the beginning of the batter, pre-eggs, to eat (which is just sugar and butter mixed together). And I have him wash his hands when we finish baking then watch for any reaction. There hasn’t been any. He’s even touched the batter and there hasn’t been any reaction.

So after we decorated eggs, Cake wanted to ‘play’ with them. I told him they were for eating (my bad!) and not playing. By ‘play’ Cake means he will likely hold them, squeeze them, somehow get dirt/food/unknown objects on them (seriously this kid gets stuff on his hands all the time, no idea how), and/or put them in a ‘special place’ where they will be forgotten about.

So this lead to Cake wanting to eat the boiled eggs. Sigh. Not coming up with a good reason not to, I showed him how to crack the eggs open and let him have one bite of an egg white. Then watched him like a hawk for the next few hours. No reaction and asking for more.

So the next morning I let him have three bites (three is the current favorite number). Again, I watched for a reaction. None. Awesome.

So the third morning I let him have half a boiled egg, only the whites, and again he was fine. By this point, we ran out of boiled eggs and I’m not hurrying up boiling more or trying it again for awhile, but it’s good to know that he doesn’t have a huge reaction to even boiled eggs.



The cashew incident at the park


We go to a park sometimes that we call ‘sand park.’ It is one of the only parks around that has sand in it, and Cake loves the sand (like most almost 3 year olds). There’s sand, 2 play structures, swings, a basketball hoop, bathrooms (key for a potty training kid)…..it’s a fun park overall.

One of the last times we were here was over a year ago. I brought along a Lara bar (which I loved before we found out about Cake’s nut allergies). I let Cake have a bite (this was before we knew he was allergic to nuts, at that time we were only avoiding peanuts). Then Cake went and played in the sand. He somehow had sand in his hand that he rubbed on his face….then started crying. He had some kind of bite on his face that stung. Looking back, it was probably a giant itchy hive and not a bite from a bug, but who knows.

Then the crankiness kicked in. And the throwing up. Once Cake got whiney (which is rare for him), we headed to the car. Cake threw up twice before we got to the car. I got home, where Allergy Dad was conveniently working from home, and got Cake cleaned up. Allergy Dad looked online to see if a bug bite could cause throwing up. It can, especially if it’s a spider bite. I called the pediatrician and we went to see her after lunch. By then Cake had thrown up at least three other times and had giant red hives around his mouth. Fun stuff.

We saw one of the doctors that could fit us into her schedule (not our normal one). She thought it was a stomach bug and recommended benedryl and to call her if it continued. She didn’t think it was a bite from a bug or a spider and had doubts that it could be food related. Thankfully the benedryl helped and Cake stopped throwing up. I asked for an epipen, just in case the reaction was from the cashews that I ate (or in case of another incident like this one). I was denied an epipen. She left a message for Cake’s normal pediatrician with me asking for an epipen. Denied again.

Looking back, I should have fought harder for an epipen. We ended up getting one a few months later from Cake’s allergist and now keep it on hand at all times. If Cake started throwing up like that now, I would administer an epipen and go to the emergency room.

Oh, and today’s fun trip at sand park? It ended with Cake getting sand in his eye. I’m thinking this park has something against us!