A Greek Festival


There’s a Greek festival in our area today and tomorrow. Apparently there’s tons of homemade Greek food, and tons of dessert treats. It’s a very popular festival and they have parking lots to park in then you ride a bus to the event.

I love Greek food. I love Greek desserts. Cake loves buses, and has been asking to ride on one for about 2 years, basically since he could talk.

Will we be going? No. It’s too risky with Cake’s food allergies. No Greek lunch, no yummy treats, and no bus ride.

There wasn’t really anything for a 3 year old to do there except eat and dance, I guess, so he would’ve gotten bored after an hour or so if he was able to eat anything there.

On the positive side, I found another festival for next weekend that has rides and games for kids in addition to food. Maybe I’ll bring Cake to that one (and pack our own food or go before lunch or something). Still no idea on a bus ride for him, though.


Refried beans….


We tried a new Mexican restaurant today. I ordered Cake a chicken taco plate after discussing his severe milk allergy with the cashier. She knew the ingredients of the tortilla, rice, beans, and chicken. I reminded her of the milk allergy again.

Yet his refried beans came with cheese on them. Great.


Going to birthday parties


Meeting Cake’s needs at a birthday party is a pain. Basically I don’t expect anyone to make accommodations for Cake because I know it’s a pain, and instead I usually bring food for both of us. I ask the host what kind of food they are serving and then I try to bring something similar. This isn’t too difficult since most of Cake’s friends are two or three and birthday parties are either sandwiches or pizza or something easy like that. I bring cookies for Cake or I make some milk free cupcakes and bring those (the secret to that, in my opinion- So Delicious Coconut Creamer. It makes the cupcakes sweeter than when I make them with almond milk or coconut milk).

We went to a party recently and the mom made a TON of accommodations for Cake! It was so awesome! She had snacks he could eat – carrots, hummus, other veggies, popcorn with Earth Balance butter, and cake that Cake could eat! I thanked the hostess as much as I could, but I basically was so happy I almost cried. Being able to be ‘normal’ at a party is something that seems like it will be more difficult to do as Cake gets older.

Take the last party we went to as an example. We were invited to a birthday party last minute and it was a short walk from our townhouse (it was in our complex). They had pizza, cake, rock candy lollipop sticks, cheese puffs, Doritos, goldfish, an tortilla chips. There was also a drink with ice cream in it and cups with layers of yogurt and cake. Cake could eat the rock candy lollipop…..and that was only after I dug through the garbage a bit to make sure he could eat them. There were two huge tables of food…..and Cake couldn’t eat any of it. I don’t think he’s really used to that yet – he almost always can eat everything around except for what Allergy Dad gets for dinner when we are out sometimes. We have no family nearby so don’t have to deal with big family gatherings much. Anyways, Cake was happy that he got to eat the rock candy lollipop thing as we walked home, but it was a little sad to me that at a ‘normal’ party he can’t really eat anything.



I try to question Cake often about what foods he can eat and what he can’t eat. I’ll ask him if he can eat _____ and he gives me the correct answer almost all of the time. We had a friend over the other day and he told her he can’t eat eggs that ‘look like that’ (while pointing to over easy eggs). Yay! I thought, awesome, he’s actually getting that he can’t eat certain foods!

Then we went to a park.

And he was sitting on the bench eating an almond butter and jelly sandwich (almonds and coconuts are the only nuts he can eat, which is awesome because so many products have coconut and almond in them). A women came up and talked to him. She started to ask about his lunch. The conversation went like this:

Woman: Wow, is that a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?
Cake: Yup it is!
Woman: Yummy, I love peanut butter and jelly!
Cake: Yup, me too. I love peanuts!

Cake has never eaten any peanuts before. Ever. And if he ate one, he would likely get the epipen and we would go to a hospital.

I guess my questions and quizzes for him haven’t been as successful as I had thought. We’ll keep working on it, I guess!

Allergic to milk but not butter ????


No, you can’t be ‘severely allergic to milk’ but not to butter.

I went to the farmers market this weekend. I searched around for a yummy milk free treat. I looked at one of the bakeries that were set up. The conversation at one of them went like this:
Me: My son has a severe milk allergy. Do you have any milk free products?
Him: yeah, it’s all milk free!
Me: ummm….and milk product free? No butter, cheese….
Him: Oh, yeah, it all has butter.
Me: you can’t be severely allergic to milk and not butter
Him: yes, you can! A lot of people tell me they are allergic to milk but not butter. They still buy my products!
Me: ummm….yeah….maybe if they have a sensitivity but I said severe allergy. Like if he eats it we go to the hospital…
Him: yeah, a lot of people are SEVERELY allergic to milk but can eat butter just fine
Me: wow, yeah, I wouldn’t say that your products are milk free to someone
Him: why not?

At this point, I gave up and walked away. I won’t bother buying anything from his bakery, likely ever again, because he seems to have no clue about allergies.

I did find some yummy samosas and eggplant Indian wrap to eat that were both safe!

Update for this week


Cake has been feeling better, which is great. His food allergies concerns have taken a back seat to his asthma concerns this week – we haven’t eaten out or even tried any new foods because we’ve been spending lots of time with the nebulizer (well, okay, twice a day but with a 2 year old and a little brother it can take me an hour to get both boys able to sit for 15 minutes to do it!).
Cake has no idea how to play video games but he likes to hit the buttons on the controller. I think he’s actually played games about 5 times his entire life, yet when he asked if he could play while doing his nebulizer I let him (really, anything to get him to sit for 15 minutes with the nebulizer in his mouth). He usually got to play the iPad while doing the nebulizer this week too which he really liked!



Cake’s first sinus infection


Cake’s mild cold developed into a horrible cold overnight a few days ago. I figured it was just a cold….then he started coughing really badly. Loud, wet coughs that sounded like he was going to throw up (and he did, once). I had to introduce Cake to a ‘throw up bowl’ (you know, the bowl that you carry everywhere with you when you have to throw up). Interesting concept to a 2 year old who barely even understands what throwing up means.

After all that coughing, I decided to bring Cake to a doctor, during which I was prepared to be told it was just a cold and to not worry. I couldn’t decide whether to bring Cake to his normal pediatrician or his allergist. I decided to bring him to the allergist and I’m glad I did. I was having him do nebulizer treatments once a day because he was breathing a little funny, but his allergist said he was wheezing too. Then the doctor found a sinus infection.

So now Cake has antibiotics, the nebulizer twice a day until his cough is gone, prednisone if he starts wheezing more, and his regular antihistamine. Lots of medicine for such a little Cake!