Found some nuts in the cabinet….


Something caught my eye in the cabinet the other day. It was a bag, with round, tan looking things and was way in the back of a lower cabinet (where Cake has access). I pulled it out……and it was macadamia nuts. Cake wasn’t tested for macadamia nuts but it falls under the category of nuts so those went into the trash right away. And then I cleaned out the cabinets.

When Cake got tested for allergies this time around, I was 6 months pregnant. It’s been almost a year and baby brother (Bear) is now 6 months old. So I feel like we are finally getting out of ‘baby survival mode’ as I call it – when you don’t get anything done except take care of the baby and older child and don’t get any sleep. So it’s taken me this long to finally have time for things like noticing there are deadly foods for your toddler in the cabinet he has access to.

So I’ve been busy emptying the cabinets and taking out anything on Cake’s ‘off limits’ food. I found way more than I would have liked to – a container of peanuts, a package of cashews, and a bag of pistachios. Funny how Cake has take out almost every other package of food in these cabinets but has never, ever taken these out and asked to eat them.

They all went in the garbage since they were all opened. Packages that weren’t opened yet, which included a pasta sauce with cheese in it that I bought by mistake and never got around to returning, went to a local food bank.


Figuring out the milk allergy


The milk allergy. How did we figure it out? Well, it was a guess. By 3 months old, Cake hadn’t gained much weight – he gained the absolute minimum and was below the charts or at the first percentile, he had all sorts of ‘baby acne’ and rashes, he spit up a ton, and the poop…..oh man the poop was green and snotty. It was gross.
So I joined an online message board where the other breastfeeding moms said, “quit all milk products and see if there’s an improvement.” So I did. His spits up/projectile vomit happened less and less, his poops got closer to ‘normal,’ and he gained lots of weight. He gained about 6 pounds in 8 weeks. He went from being a skinny, sickly looking baby to a chubby baby!
When I did a milk challenge about two months later (I ate a cupcake that had milk in it), Cake projectile vomited for a day or two, became the crankiest baby ever, and started scratching the crap out of his legs (excema). So I stopped all milk products and continue to do so today – partly because it’s easier but also because Cake has a baby brother. Baby brother (who I’ll call Bear on the blog) has never had milk products or nuts in his system, not even while I was pregnant.