Weight gain


I think Cake is gaining weight. I haven’t really checked the scale, but there are a few signs that he’s gaining weight. The main one being that his face turned chubby. I was looking at photos I took this week and last week, and his face is definitely chubbier this week. My first thought was, ‘huh, look at his chubby face. Maybe a growth spurt?’ Followed by, ‘oh crap what did he eat this week? What if he’s having a food allergy reaction and the symptom is a puffy face?’ But since it’s been about a week now and it hasn’t changed much. The other sign is he’s eating more than normal – he’s eating French fries likes there’s no tomorrow. So I’ll assume he’s gaining weight…..which is a good thing because at his last check up his doctor wanted him to gain 3 pounds (in order to stay on the weight charts, even if it’s only at the first percentile) and he’s only gained about 1.5 pounds so far. This is one area where I feel like I can blame the food allergies – I can’t give him cows milk, or peanuts, or tree nuts, so his diet is pretty low fat and therefore he doesn’t gain weight easily.