Birthday party: making accommodations for everyone!


I already wrote about how meeting Cake’s needs at a party is a pain. Then I started planning Cake’s birthday party. I can do milk and nut and other foods free…..and I’ve made cupcakes that are milk free several times so that’s a no brainer for me to do. Plus we are ordering pizza, and Cake can eat pizza from a few places around us where they make the crust and sauce and some toppings milk free/cheese free so that’s not a big deal.

Then I started thinking about the other guests…..I have invited 3 families plus my mom will be flying in for the week (yay!). Between all of us, there are several variations on diet issues:
– milk/peanut/tree nut free (& Cake’s other allergies)
– vegan
– gluten free
– food dye free

So now I had to make milk free, vegan, gluten free, food dye free cupcakes…..decorated like Minions from Despicable Me because that’s what Cake would like.

I did my usual replacements for cupcakes – Earth Balance butter for butter and So Delicious Coconut Creamer for milk. Then I switched out 1/3 cup of applesauce for eggs, then added some honey in them for extra sweetness (because I’ve made cupcakes before with a certain recipe and while it was good it needed to be lighter and sweeter). They came out pretty good. I was thinking of making the wet mixture then taking some out before adding the flour and making those into a gluten free cupcake for my mom – I have both coconut flour and almond flour but I’m not sure which one works best.

Then there’s the frosting. The issue with the frosting is that when you mix Earth Balance butter with powdered sugar and milk to make frosting, it comes out a dull yellow, which doesn’t work great for Minion cupcakes. I think I’m going to give up on figuring out this replacement and just ask that mom to borrow her all natural food coloring (hopefully it won’t contain lemons…..)when I make the cupcakes. I’m sure she will, and then *hopefully* everyone’s dietary needs will be met.

Oh, wait, my mom is gluten free…..I’ll have to either order her a gluten free, milk free pizza for herself or I’ll just make her a meal at home to eat for lunch for Cake’s party. Hopefully she will understand….

I think next year we will skip buying pizza and making cupcakes. Since I’ve practiced about three batches of cupcakes, Cake has started asking if we can just do cookies for his birthday instead…..I think I’ll do that next year. I’ll just buy some boxes of various cookies to meet various dietary issues, do it at a non-meal time, and call it done!


Everyone deserves cupcakes!


Everyone deserves to eat a cupcake every once in a while, right? (We eat them more than once in a while). I’m not good at baking from scratch, so that means if we want good cupcakes we have to go out and buy them. But finding decent cupcakes that are milk free is a challenge…..many vegan cupcakes just don’t taste that great. Lucky for us, there’s a bakery that caters to food allergies about 20 minutes away.

My husband and Cake drove 20 minutes to our favorite bakery that has vegan and peanut-free treats that we can eat last week, since it was my birthday. After forgetting his wallet and having to make the trip twice (which is super fun with a toddler), we had yummy cupcakes!

My husband even had one (he usually gets a regular cupcake, not vegan), and gave his approval – something that’s not often done!

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