The most awesome allergy menu


So we have a membership to a few local places. The farthest one away is an hour drive away, at the California Academy of Science. Cake, Bear, and I go up to San Francisco (‘the city’) about 4-5 times a year just to go to the Academy of Sciences. It’s pretty cool – there’s a 4 story rainforest, an aquarium, an African Hall (with stuffed zebras, lions, etc) and a toddler play room (which we avoid most of the time). They have cool programs for toddlers and preschoolers, change up exhibits often, and sometimes have cool live animals like reindeer or baby ostriches. Anyways, one of my favorite parts is getting lunch there.

They don’t have an ‘allergy menu’ because a few main allergens are noted RIGHT ON THE MENU! Specifically, if a dish is milk free it has a D next to the item, if it’s gluten free it has a G, vegan has a green V, and vegetarian has an orange V. Cake has lots of options for what to eat! We’ve eaten tacos, chips an guacamole, fried fish, fried chicken, French fries, and pork buns there. And it’s awesome that I don’t have to worry about asking the manager of the restaurant about specific dishes. It seems so easy to do this to the menu – I wish other restaurants would do this!

Sorry one of the pictures is fuzzy. Kinda what happens when you have 2 hungry kids with you! Cake is eating some fried fish and French fries in the picture.