Update for this week


Cake has been feeling better, which is great. His food allergies concerns have taken a back seat to his asthma concerns this week – we haven’t eaten out or even tried any new foods because we’ve been spending lots of time with the nebulizer (well, okay, twice a day but with a 2 year old and a little brother it can take me an hour to get both boys able to sit for 15 minutes to do it!).
Cake has no idea how to play video games but he likes to hit the buttons on the controller. I think he’s actually played games about 5 times his entire life, yet when he asked if he could play while doing his nebulizer I let him (really, anything to get him to sit for 15 minutes with the nebulizer in his mouth). He usually got to play the iPad while doing the nebulizer this week too which he really liked!




Cake’s first sinus infection


Cake’s mild cold developed into a horrible cold overnight a few days ago. I figured it was just a cold….then he started coughing really badly. Loud, wet coughs that sounded like he was going to throw up (and he did, once). I had to introduce Cake to a ‘throw up bowl’ (you know, the bowl that you carry everywhere with you when you have to throw up). Interesting concept to a 2 year old who barely even understands what throwing up means.

After all that coughing, I decided to bring Cake to a doctor, during which I was prepared to be told it was just a cold and to not worry. I couldn’t decide whether to bring Cake to his normal pediatrician or his allergist. I decided to bring him to the allergist and I’m glad I did. I was having him do nebulizer treatments once a day because he was breathing a little funny, but his allergist said he was wheezing too. Then the doctor found a sinus infection.

So now Cake has antibiotics, the nebulizer twice a day until his cough is gone, prednisone if he starts wheezing more, and his regular antihistamine. Lots of medicine for such a little Cake!




Cake has a cold. It’s funny how something like a cold can be more complex because of asthma and allergies. Cake has a cold and has needed his nebulizer treatments this week.

Last night, he was coughing, moaning, and making a funny sound when he swallows. Then it hit me – what if it’s a food allergy reaction? He’s coughing, swallowing funny, whining….he could be having a mild food allergy reaction. I run down all the out of ordinary foods he ate that day (ramen noodles, sesame ball) and all the foods he ate that he’s mildly allergic to (wheat, soy, pea protein) wondering which one (or two or three) might be causing these symptoms.

Cake can’t really tell me if something is going on yet, if I mention taking medicine he automatically says, “I’m *cough cough* good, mama. No nebyizer. *cough*”. So when I ask him at 10:30pm what hurts he tells me “nothing.” When I ask if his mouth feels funny, he says yes. I go to grab my phone to text Allergy Dad (downstairs) and Cake says, “no my mouf is good *cough*”. Then he sniffs his nose and it sounds like he has a ton of boogies up there.

Since everything pointed to a cold at this point, I stayed up for a bit monitoring him then fell asleep myself. This morning he woke up coughing and sneezing and full of boogies. So I’m assuming its a cold and not something related to food.

Just having a cold would be an annoyance. Having to determine whether a food reaction is occurring at the same time is a lot more stressful!